Huh. This close to her, I can feel a sort of strange tingle from the aura of her disguise spell. I hope nopony else notices it…


Hey all

Looks like August took us both by surprise. What with starting up the new school year and college fees and books and such, I had to delay commission of the next Hunted Luna sets last month while I used money on those things, and the artist got other commissions to do in the meantime, as…

Artist is going to BronyCon


Hi all!

Hunted Luna’s artist is dealing with Con-related works and subsequent factors of life related to getting to BronyCon.

Hunted Luna will resume after the artist returns.

Note: The writer, Poinger, will not be going. Trixie, the artist, will be.

…I’ll take that as a “yes.”

It’s her.

(Newsprint compatibility view: Here)

Pardon the slowdown


Hey All

Apologies for the slowness recently, but I’ve been a bit busied up by final exams and end-of-semester schoolwork. With finals ending next week, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things here in a bit.


It’s a lot of food, but she did say she was hungry.

She must be starving. Hmmm….breakfast…

Indeed. I’m feeling a bit peckish myself.

Raw Image of #32, Panel 4 on mod blog



Not going to reblog the raw image here, as it would show up above the strip, and might ruin it for those who haven’t read yet.

Don’t normally put raw image stuff in this blog, but this image demanded it.